Kappa Resort

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special dishes

Best Restaurant in Paliouri

Kappa Restaurant is already concidered as one of the best restaurants in Halkidiki. Our Chef and his team always offer unique and inspired dishes. Kappa restaurant offers quality food at affordable rates. It presents an atmosphere of comfort, an extensive menu and a good wine list and our courteous staff assure[…]

Petralona cave

Petralona Cave

The existence of an abundance of caves in a country where 65% of the soil is limestone, is perfectly normal. After all, Greece is the second country after China with the largest number of caves in the world. Several thousand of these formations have been explored, mapped and studied, while[…]


Live saxophone at Kappa restaurant

One of the best events that take place in Kappa Restaurant very often is “Jazz Night”. The live sound of the saxophone is really something else…………..The customers have the opportunity to drink their favorite cocktails through a special discounted list and enjoy the music. Jazz has been called America’s classical music,[…]