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Covid-19 Announcement

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Located in a stretch of land of 40.000 m2, Kappa Resort allows guests to
practice social distancing and feel the privacy of their own space while
enjoying their summer holidays. Each accommodation has a separate outdoor
entrance, which does not force guests to enter any of the interior common
corridors. Enjoy the private outdoor area (garden or terrace) which reaches
up to 700 m2, private pools of 35 m2 and make yourself at home in our
comfortable villas and suites of at least 80 m2 each. Bring your family or
your pets along and let Kappa staff do what they do best and provide you
with the safest and most relaxing holidays you truly deserve this summer

For Kappa Resort, the well-being and health of our guests and staff is of
the utmost importance. In the wake of COVID-19 and the consequent rising
hygienic concerns, Kappa Resort takes additional precautionary measures in
order to protect the health integrity of its environment, priding itself on
high attention to details. 

We proactively ensure proper sanitation throughout the property to prevent
the spread of concerning bacteria. In the face of global health concerns
like COVID-19, our resort implements additional rigorous deep disinfection
protocols in the cleaning procedure of our accommodations as well as
throughout the property to mitigate risks. Hand sanitizers as well as
antibacterial hand wipes are provided in several spots around the resort, as
well as in each villa/suite individually. Our housekeeping department
focuses on daily intensive disinfection and cleaning of all common areas and
surfaces with special attention to door knobs/handles, light switches,
surfaces, desktops and other high-touch surfaces of guests’ accommodations
whereas linen is washed in the highest degree possible. Surgical gloves and
masks are always used by our staff that has been efficiently trained to
protect themselves and our customers from possible infections. 

Delays in common areas such as the Front Desk and Restaurant are
minimised in order to avoid guests’ overcrowding. Please make a reservation
for a table in advance for Kappa Restaurant, as we currently operate with
fewer available seats than normal in order to ensure the maximum distance
possible between the existing seating.

Last but not least, we encourage you to download the Kappa Resort app
through AppStore or GooglePlay and check in online, without delays at the
Front Desk. Inform the Front Desk in case you do not wish to receive the
daily maid service or maintenance provided and prefer cleaning once in three
days instead to avoid meeting staff when possible. 

Below you can find our current updated Payment Conditions & Cancellation
Policy applied to bookings made from 04/05/20:

Flexible Rate: The deposit paid (30%) is refundable in case of a
cancellation 7 days prior the arrival date.

Special Offer: The deposit paid (50%) is non-refundable in case of a

*The deposit will only be refundable in the following special conditions: In
case the borders between the country of departure and the country of arrival
(Greece) are closed based on government decision or the Resort does not
operate during the reservation dates.

Stay safe and enjoy!